Science On Tap - Treknology: The Real-Life Science Behind Star Trek’s Technologies
Dec 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian
Doors open at 6:00

$15 General Admission
$8 Students with ID

From tricorders to warp drive, Star Trek became the first series to bring us a vision of a future where humans were just as flawed as ever, but where technology and the way we used it had created a utopian society. There was no hunger, no homelessness, no rampant diseases, only long-lived humans exploring the galaxy, enjoying all the comforts one could ask for in life. Many of these technologies, dreamed up by Star Trek, are already real, while others are quickly approaching, and a few still remain elusive. From communications to starships to medical breakthroughs to civilian life, Star Trek promised us a future we can all aspire to. At this Science on Tap, hear theoretical physicist and author Ethan Siegel, PhD, talk about his new book Treknology: The Real-Life Science Behind Star Trek’s Technologies. As we attempt to “make it so,” let’s take a look at the real-life science of how far we’ve come!
Science On Tap | 7:00 PM
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Ethan R. Siegel is an American theoretical astrophysicist and science writer, who studies Big Bang theory. He is a professor at Lewis & Clark College and he blogs at Starts With a Bang, on ScienceBlogs and also on since 2016. more >>>