Oregon Humanities presents Think & Drink on Criminal Justice Alternatives
Mar 14, 2018 at 6:30 PM
Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian
Doors open at 5:30

Join Oregon Humanities for a conversation about alternative systems of justice with three people who have deep knowledge of the one we have now: Rene Denfeld, a novelist and criminal investigator specializing in death penalty cases; David Rogers, executive director of ACLU of Oregon; and Bobbin Singh, executive director of Oregon Justice Resource Center.

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Think & Drink | 6:30 PM
Think & Drink is an onstage conversation series that explores provocative ideas and fresh perspectives. The 2018–19 series features conversations with renowned writers about questions relating to journalism and justice.
David Rogers | 6:30 PM
David Rogers is the executive director of the ACLU of Oregon. He has more than twenty-five years of social justice organizing and advocacy experience at organizations such as Western States Center, and Oregon Voice, and Partnership for Safety and Justice, where he spent nearly a decade leading groundbreaking work in the areas of criminal justice and public safety.
Bobbin Singh | 6:30 PM
Bobbin Singh is the founding Executive Director of Oregon Justice Resource Center, an organization that works to promote civil rights and improve legal representation for communities that have often been underserved in the past, including people living in poverty and people of color. He is a member of the Oregon Council on Civil Rights.
Rene Denfeld | 6:30 PM
Rene Denfeld is the author of the novels The Child Finder and The Enchanted, both inspired by her work as a death penalty investigator. As a former chief investigator at a public defenders’ office, Denfeld has worked hundreds of indigent cases, including exonerating innocent people from prison. In addition to her justice work and writing, she is a passionate advocate for children in foster care and has been a therapeutic foster adoptive parent for many years. She has won numerous prestigious honors for both her justice work and her writing, including the 2017 Break The Silence Award, a French Prix, a Carnegie listing, and an ALA Medal for Excellence in Fiction, and is the 2018 Oregon Literature Fellow. more >>>