The 19th Annual Portland CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS Benefit Show
Feb 9, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian
Doors open at 7:00

$28 Advance
$38 At the door
$15 Kids (12 & under)
$50 Premium Seats (support CWB and sit in the front center section – advance only)

Many of the area’s finest circus performers come together at the Alberta Rose Theater to present an amazing and hilarious circus variety show to benefit Clowns Without Borders-USA.

Louis Pearl - The Amazing Bubble Man

Brittany Walsh, acrobatic grace incarnate

Strong woman Tera Zarra performing amazing and hilarious feats of strength.

Rhys Thomas and Curtis Carlyle performing amazing juggling and sophisticated comedy.

Leapin’ Louie Lichtenstein performing the comic cowboy lasso antics that have made him a hit in 32 countries around the world.

Omri & Paulina, the most gorgeous aerial artists in the Northwest

Lark Schuldberg of Night Flight on the Cloud Swing.

The comic antics of Rose Festival Clown Prince Angel Ocasio

Live music by Shoehorn’s Hatband

And more!
Ticket sales ended Feb 9, 2018 10:00 PM. Additional tickets may be available at the box office.
The Portland Clowns Without Borders Benefit Show is a true variety show: Clean comedy for adults and kids and all kinds of circus and variety arts. Each year, top-notch performers volunteer their time and talent to wow Portland audiences for a great cause. Proceeds of the show support CWB-USA’s work of relieving suffering through laughter in areas of crisis all over the world. This show will support CWB’s 2018 projects in storm-affected Puerto Rico, areas of Mexico affected by last year’s earthquake; and the Balkans where hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking asylum.

Clowns Without Borders sends professional performers to areas of crisis around the world to relieve suffering. Portland artists David Lichtenstein, Sarah Liane Foster, Michael O’Neill, Morgan Goldberg, Amica Hunter, Heather Pearl, Noah Veil, and Curt Carlyle have performed and taught workshops in dozens of projects in Haiti, South Sudan, Turkey, South Africa, Guatemala, Colombia, Chiapas, the Philippines, India, and more. CWB USA is a national organization but Portland, Oregon is arguably our greatest center of both artists and fan support.

Paulina Muñoz and Omri Geva come from separate backgrounds working with a variety of circuses and dance companies and have come together in the last year to create an aerial dance duo that displays extraordinary creativity and athleticism. more >>>
Brittany Walsh | 8:00 PM
Brittany Walsh is adept in the full repertoire of the contortionist and hand balancer, the major schools of aerialism, and the nimble extremes of tumbling and floor work. Her skills stand preeminent among Portland gymnasts outside the mainstream, many of whom she has instructed. She has toured nationally as a member of DoJump and Polaris Dance; and played at home in the company of Wanderlust Circus and Circus Artemis. more >>>
Rhys Thomas | 8:00 PM
Rhys Thomas has packed houses in solo and duo concerts for theaters across the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

JuggleMania is often compared to a Pixar movie because it's family entertainment that actually appeals to the whole family. "Hilarity and dexterity" barely describes the comedy juggling, magic and acrobalancing of Rhys Thomas. Add multi-instrumentalist Shoehorn and it's toe-tapping fun for everyone.

In a duo show with the multi-instrumentalist Shoehorn, Rhys multi-tasks with one of the most versatile musicians in the world. As a solo, Rhys has opened for many national stars including The Smothers Brothers, Leon Redbone, Weird Al Yankovic, and Weird Al Gore.

May contain peanuts.

Sure, the kids don’t get the joke about bowl spinning being “the trick that killed Ed Sullivan” and they miss the sly political reference about the audience moving “a little to the left”, but they get more than their parents think they should. The older kids love the Chinese YoYo tricks and the way Rhys careens to the edge of the stage on his six-foot “suicycle.” All the kids want to volunteer for the ball-spinning “filler act”. For some reason, the youngest especially love the ball dropping routine. And everybody’s on the edge of their seats as Rhys juggles four machetes atop the ladder of swords. Add to that the music of Shoehorn as he weaves jazz, world beat, rock, classical, and hip-hop soundscapes for Rhys’ handstands, acrobatic ladder play, storytelling, ropewalking, and escape artistry. Tap and sax are his loves, but Shoehorn also charms rhythms and tunes out of piano, clarinet, drums, children’s toys, and his patented “E-Tap” midi invention. more >>>
Curt Carlyle | 8:00 PM
Curtis holds a Guiness world record for the yo-yo, has won a bronze medal at the International Juggler's Association stage championships, and has shared the stage with entertainment titans like The Beastie Boys, Peter Sagal and Second City Improv. more >>>
David "Leapin’ Louie" Lichtenstein, a master of physical comedy, trick roping, fancy whip cracking, juggling, unicycling, reels out a hilarious comedy cowboy show and literally ropes the crowd in. Generally considered the most explosive Lithuanian Jewish Cowboy Comedian to ever come out of Oregon, Louie combines a unique comic character, high energy comedy, physical clowning, and a world class array of cowboy rope and whip tricks, plus improvisation and audience participation.

David has performed Leapin’ Louie shows in 28 different countries around the world including many tours of Europe and Japan, and a 33 city USA tour with country music stars Brooks and Dunn. In 2012 alone, David performed in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Australia.

David has a wife, two adult children, 3 chickens, and other unruly animals at home in Portland, Oregon, USA. more >>>
Louis Pearl | 8:00 PM
Louis Pearl has been thrilling audiences around the world for nearly 30 years with the art, magic, science and fun of bubbles. An Edinburgh Fringe Festival favorite, he has sold out every year since 2007. Louis explores the breath-taking dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy and artistry with audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized.

From square bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes, tornadoes and trampolines to people inside bubbles, the Amazing Bubble Man conjures shrieks of laughter and gasps of amazement from all ages. more >>>
Shoehorn | 8:00 PM
Shoehorn is an original performance artist who creates music with his feet and dances with his horn. Michael Shoehorn Conley has combined organic body rhythms and sophisticated jazz forms and concepts into an entertaining spectacle. While specializing in sax and tap dance, he is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer, utilizing a variety of wind and percussion instruments, original poetry and songs and an ear for music from around the world.

Dancer and saxophonist Shoehorn is an internationally recognized tap soloist, featured in the Emmy-nominated PBS TV documentary JUBA:Masters of Tap & Percussive Dance, and has recently toured Russia and Austria with other leading tap artists. He recently performed in Tap Treasures and Tap Masters at Tap City 2004, the New York City International Tap Dance Festival.

Shoehorn's Vaudeville Lounge played 5 sets at the Beaverton Summerfest July 17-18, featuring special guests Nancy King, Toshi Onizuka, TJ Yale and Artis the Spoonman. They were also featured at the BITE Festival in Portland on August 15th, with guests Roxane Butterfly on tap, vocalist Shirley Nanette, eccentric guitarist Baby Gramps and unicycle champion Rob Brown.

“Both an exceptional entertainer and a serious artist, Shoehorn's synthesized the juba-lent complexities of jazz and tap--mind-melding with both Honi Coles with John Coltrane--creating an utterly engaging blend of bebop toughness and fluid, feets-don't-fail-me-now panache.” Tim Duroche, Willamette Week

"The man they call Shoehorn not only plays the alto sax amazingly well, he also does some expert tap-dancing as he plays. That's some serious multi-tasking." The Oregonian -5/31/02

"Miraculous...a dance company and orchestra in one." - Boston Globe

"...amazing marriage of dancing and saxophone playing." - ChicagoTribune

"an amusing routine with a serious message..." - Christian Science Monitor

"impeccably tight and controlled dancing ... mean alto saxophone..." - Boston Herald

"Es un gran artista" - Flamenco master Ramon De los Reyes

"covering the boards with a sheet of sound..." - Boston Phoenix

"A sound to behold" - Twin Falls Times-News more >>>