Is Mozart in Maine?
March 23-25, 2018
Camden Opera House
Camden, ME
In this romantic musical comedy, Mozart is mysteriously transported into the future where he is adopted by a coastal village at the height of tourist season. He saves the local music festival, falls for a beautiful diva and leaves everyone changed forever. But the universe demands balance, even between timeless genius and eternal love.

GENERAL ADMISSION Tickets $12-20. Event is a fundraiser for Bay Chamber Concerts and Music School. 

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Richard Cadwalader has had a lifetime interest in music and the arts. He came to the Maine coast in 1976 to work for the Hawkins family on the schooner “Mary Day” after graduating from Boston University. Having spent several years in the windjammer business he then entered Maine Maritime Academy and shipped out on super-tankers in the Alaskan oil trade. During his 13-year career at sea he also managed to launch a parallel career as a writer. This became an invaluable asset when he came ashore and moved to Sweden in 1991 to raise a family with his wife, Ulla. Within days of arriving in Stockholm he secured a job in business-to-business advertising and communications. His abilities as a copywriter put him in the midst of numerous international marketing projects that included branding, filmmaking, web content, and corporate identities. But around 2004, a story began to take shape in his head. Setting aside time from his work he started to shape the plot for his musical “Is Mozart in Maine?” Soon this effort grew from a side project into a dream, and he vowed to stage the work after returning  to Rockport in 2016.

“Actual friends and their musical careers inspired many of the characters in this locally themed comedy of romance and summer,” says Cadwalader. “But the greatest inspiration of all has been the State of Maine and its people, with their unique cleverness, creativity, humor and generosity. So this story is a love letter to all of you who make this place the marvelous point in the universe that it is.”