May 29, 2014 at 8:00 PM
Central Cinema
Seattle, WA
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Oh, Hi Mark!
Film : Genre: Action,Comedy,Drama
THE ROOM | 8:00 PM
The unstoppable cult classic returns for it's monthly screening! Wait? You haven't seen THE ROOM yet? Called "The Citizen Kane of bad movies", this independent production has become the biggest cult movie craze since Rocky Horror. Director/Writer/Producer/Leading Man Tommy Wiseau plays Johnny, a rose-sniffing masochist who possesses an alarmingly unnerving giggle, mentors a drug dealing man child, loves doggies, and isn't aware that his best friend is sleeping with his future wife. Oh, it sounds simple...but The Room is more layered and complex than you could ever imagine. Tommy himself says that you need to see it at least twice to understand it all. more >>>
General Admission