Dark Horses of East Nashville featuring Amelia White, Julie Christensen, and Sergio Webb
Live @ Red Clay Music Foundry Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 @ 8:00pm
Doors open 7:00 PM


Dark Horses of East Nashville is a collective of friends from the "song ghetto" ’ who love to work together to bring you the best, and most original musical art.
Dark Horses of East Nashville
Dark Horses of East Nashville is a collective of friends from the "song ghetto" ’ who love to work together to bring you the best, and most original musical art. SERGIO WEBB, the magician on instruments backs both gals in studio and on the road. JULIE CHRISTENSEN cut an Amelia White song on her powerful THE CARDINAL, to be released JAN. 22. AMELIA WHITE'S new smokey album HOME SWEET HOTEL ( ( out Feb 5th U.S.) is chock full of Julie’s soulful vocals. SERGIO WEBB releases his latest tough, rocking DOMINGO with a strong co-write with White, and vocal genius by Christensen. You never know what might happen in this cool collaborative in the round, but you will get some blue eyed, and dark horse soul and guts.
"Amelia White manages something special in the world of Americana...White is so much more than just a country singer and also so much more than just a songwriter. One of the best Americana albums I’ve heard recently;" - UK, 4 stars

One of Nashville's top songwriters, Amelia White's brand-new "Rhythm of the Rain," is already receiving early critical acclaim and radio airplay in countries across Europe, on the heels of last year's Top 10 Records of the Year listing by Telegraph UK (w/Bonnie Raitt, John Moreland, Buddy Miller, Applewood Road). This new release is out in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, with a special US version coming in mid-2018 including several bonus tracks.

Of the new record, Americana UK ranks it 9/10 and says:

"This is the real deal, full of juicy tunes...the woman just oozes's all killer no filler for sure...with an album as good as this, it's truly an appointment not to be missed, this is a chance to see East Nashville's finest at the top of her game - take it."

"If Lucinda ever fronted Fleetwood Mac, this might be the outcome." - No Depression magazine

“White's voice has the craggy, jagged grit of Lucinda Williams at her best, but it also has a sweetness that Williams does not album that even this early, is going to be one of the best of the year.” 4/5 * Maverick Magazine UK

“Despite the consistent quality of her work, it’s hard to imagine White topping Home Sweet Hotel.” 4/5 * American Songwriter more >>>
“Sergio Webb has been an underrated journeyman musician for hire for years. He has toured the UK accompanying Pinto Bennett, David Olney, Gail Davies and many others and works tirelessly from his Nashville base on call to those singers who possess musical integrity—in short the guys something of a maverick—so dont expect to see him on stage accompanying the likes of Faith, Taylor or Carrie. BOLIVAR BLUES was recorded in the small, boutique Little Chickadee Studio in Nashville and Sergio—who plays guitar, banjo and ukulele—is accompanied by Welsh-born Rob Price (bass, percussion, harmony vocals), Bruce Baxter (accordion), Teddy Jones (fiddle), David Olney (harmonica), Fran Breen (drums, percussion), Chris Scruggs (steel) and Gail Davies (harmony vocals)”. more >>>
Julie Christensen's background includes two world tours singing with Leonard Cohen, and co-fronting L.A. post-punk proto-Americana rockers Divine Horsemen. Her musical odyssey is as varied as the kind of songs she can deliver, following a long road that shapes her “Great Plains Soul” vision. Julie’s been accompanying herself on guitar lately, and enjoys being surrounded by musical friends. Currently residing in East Nashville, she’s assembled a band of all-star players, called Stone Cupid, and they’ve completed a powerful new album "The Cardinal" due January 22, 2016. more >>>