Drama Mama Films Presents "Selected Winner"
Live @ Red Clay Music Foundry Sunday, July 29th at 3 pm
Doors open 2:00 PM


Camille Fitzsimmonds, Playwright

Story unfolds when a innocent senior becomes prey to an outlawed scammer from the Islands. Every year innocent people are preyed upon by these outlawed scammers who swindles thousands of dollars from the unaware and the venerable. Selected winner will open your eyes and broaden your horizons and take you on a edifying Journey with lessons to learn along the way. Ethel who is a senior becomes the target and gets caught up in the web of deception. Ethel lost not only money from her life savings but from her daughters-in-laws as well. This is a Dramady full of turmoil, laughter, and real life.

General Admission

Directed by Mrs Chris Scott who is the President of the Caribbean Association of Georgia.
Run time 2 hours includes intermission more >>>