Baghouse & Helton and Bragg Duo - FREE SHOW!
Helton & Bragg Duo
May 11, 2013 at 11:00 PM
Green Room
Athens, GA
Doors open 10:00 PM
Baghouse (Andy Robison, Jeff Rieter, Jeff Mcleod) have begun rehearsing and recording for the first time in 12 years as a way for McLeod to further explore the Moog guitar in a group setting. If the recordings are any indication, the trio has gotten weirder, and more aggressive with age, and the three have plans to release the material one way or another, either digitally or on cassette. Their first Athens show since 2001 has been scheduled for May.
- 21+ Show -
Agents of aleatory, Blake Helton and Colin Bragg are an adventurous Decatur, Georgia duo performing instrumental music with drums, guitars and electronics. more >>>
Baghouse | 12:00 AM
It is happening again.

Athens, GA 2013
All hyperbole aside, drummer, Andy Robison (Polemic, Norma Rae, Morte Sicura) and Jeff Rieter (the HEAP, Hey, Revolution!, Diet Rockstar) have started rehearsing and recording with former collaborator, Moog guitar improviser, Jeff McLeod (Zepubicle, No, Bert) of Montgomery, AL.

From 1999-2001, this line up of Baghouse performed at SXSW2000 (in the jazz category) and toured around the region making improvised rhythmic experimental music that was somewhere between jazz and ambient post rock with hints of proto live electronica thrown in here and there. Around that period, Baghouse supported national acts including: Galactic, Lake Trout, Drums and Tuba, Auktyon, Robert Walter and Tim Reynolds. Baghouse recorded an ep with Jamie Uertz and Lynn Bridges (who later worked with Anthrax, Blind Melon and Devendra Banhart) tracks from which will soon be available digitally for the first time.

Fast forward to 2013, the trio has booked its first show in 12 years at the Green Room on May 11, and plans to digitally distribute new recordings one way or another more >>>
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Helton & Bragg Duo

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