Friday October 5, 2012 | 9:00PM
Star Theater (Get Directions)
Wax Tailor
With "Like Radiation"
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9pm showtime
21+ only
Wax Tailor established his reputation in just a few years as one of the leading voices of the post hip-hop and downtempo scenes. Returning with the concept album, Dusty Rainbow From The Dark, the French producer gives us a musical tale inspired in large part by the enchanted world of childhood. His fourth long player is also a charming allegory on the escapist power of music, featuring the likes of Aloe Blacc, Shana Halligan (from Bitter:Sweet), Jennifer Charles (from Dan The Automator's Lovage project), Charlotte Savary, Mattic and many more.

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Wax Tailor
A multifaceted and fiercely independent artist, Wax Tailor established himself in just a few years as one of the leading voices of the Post hip-hop and downtempo scenes. With 3 albums under his belt, as well as over 400 concerts in over 50 countries, he erupted from France to become an international phenomenon.

Returning with a concept album, Dusty Rainbow From The Dark, Wax Tailor gives us a musical tale inspired in large part by the enchanted world of children. This fourth long player release is also a charming allegory on the escapist power of music.

This multicolored fable with an international cast takes us on a wandering path through psychedelic trip-hop and baroque hip-hop. Wax Tailor has redefined his craft, giving us a work that is at once modern and timeless.


The idea behind this album came forth in 2006, while JC Le Saoût, the producer behind the Wax Tailor moniker, was putting the finishing touches on his second album. The concept was tinkered with during four years, and at the start of 2010, JC decided to give it form through a three step process: musical composition, writing the story and casting the album.

For the composition, the key step was to go back to sampling. Having worked extensively with studio musicians for his last two albums, and touring with a symphonic orchestra for part of 2011, Wax Tailor made the decision to go back to his roots and work exclusively with samples to craft the music on this album. However, the method of sampling involved on Dusty Rainbows From The Dark is unique in that the goal was not to replicate loops, but rather to gather textures and rework them to create new instruments. Each texture found wandering the grooves of countless phonograms was then reworked to become an individual note. These notes where then programmed to give him a palette of various instruments, which are then used to compose melodies. Both vintage in it’s feel and very modern in it’s creative process, this first step took nine months.

During the fall of 2011, Wax Tailor developed the musical score of his new album. He then relocated to New York to work with singer-songwriter Sara Genn, to pen the plot of the album. Using the music as inspiration, they would draft the story that runs throughout Dusty Rainbow From the Dark.

At the start of 2012, the final production stage of the album began. The first order was to find a narrator, a role which was taken by the legendary voice of Don McCorkindale, best known for his work on the serialized radio version of The Avengers, on the BBC. Simultaneously, Wax Tailor casted the guests that would appear on the album, drawing from familiar collaborators such as Charlotte Savary or Mattic as well as new voices like Aloe Blacc or Jennifer Charles. Finally, reknowned Children Book Illustator Rebecca Dautremer came on board to create the art that would accompany the story and offer her vision of the main protagonist.

The Album:

One of the strength of this record is certainly to have united such a cast (Aloe Blacc, Jennifer Charles, Elzhi, Charlotte Savary, Sara Genn, Shana Halligan, Mattic, Ali Harter, A.S.M, Akua) and manage to utilize them in the context of a plot.

From the very first notes (Exordium), the stage is set. Luxuriant orchestrations and sensual vocals parade on cue from Don McCorkindale’s captivating voice. The story unfolds as the album charts its course, alternating between scenic moments, psychedelic notes and the ethereal presence of female vocalists.

Some tracks are built around the type of scratch dialogues that compelled listeners on Wax Tailor’s classic “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” album, while other find the producer acting as an sonic alchemist, combining genres such as swing and funk, or soul and traditional Indian music. The many instrumental tracks ooze symphonic orchestrations or dwelve into the movie soundtrack territory. With this great mosaic, Wax Tailor manages to evolve from his previous albums while remaining faithful to his unique style.

The Journey:

It’s in 1986, when he first discovered hip-hop, that JC Le Saout found his calling. In the early 90’s, he became the host of a respected show on the French radio “Droit de Cite” and went on to become attract a cult following. Guests such as The Roots, Cypress Hill of French outfit NTM were guests of his show, leading JC to start his own band, La Formule, for which he held the roles of MC, producer, as well as booking agent and manager.

Quickly, French Rap gave way to other interests, and JC developed projects based around instrumental or vocal productions where the cinematic influence was beginning to show. At the end of the decade, he launched the “Breathing Under Water” project, alongside European hip-hop acts such as Looptroop and Infinite Livez.

The leap towards a project that would reconcile all these influences happened in 2002, with the launch of the Wax Tailor concept. With his first EP, Lost the Way, Wax Tailor gained the attention of a lot of DJ’s and Journalists in his home country, and the word quickly spreads to New York and Tokyo.

In 2005, Wax Tailor’s first album “Tales of the Forgotten Melodies” comes out to critical and commercial acclaim and is widely considered as a classic of the genre. In 2006, the album is picked up for a North American release and events precipitate.

Hope & Sorrow, his second album, sees the day in 2007. With guests such as Ursula Rucker and Sharon Jones, the album is a runaway success, earning gold record status in France and ending up nominated at the Indie Music Awards as well as the Victoires de la Musique, France’s academy awards. Wax Tailor takes his concept on stage and begins to tour intensively. The following year, the song “Seize the Day” becomes the the key soundtrack element to Cedric Klapish’s Paris, and Wax Tailor remixes Nina Simone for Verve.

Another French gold record follows in 2009 with In The Mood For Life. After a 150 date world tour, Wax Tailor releases the “Live a L’Olympia” DVD / CD, before hitting the road with the symphonic orchestra of the Rouen Opera.

Wax Tailor has collaborated with numerous artists, such as Sharon Jones, Ursula Rucker, Keziah Jones, Aloe Blacc, Charlie Winston, Alice Russell, Charlotte Savary, A.SM, Mattic, Archive, RJD2, DJ Format, Dj Vadim, General Elektriks, Daedelus… more >>>