90LB Wrench
Apr 11, 2020 at 8:00 PM
Club 60 West Bar
Wyandotte, OK
Free Show!
- 18+ Show -
90LB Wrench | 8:00 PM
90LB Wrench is a band made up of good friends that have played together in various bands in the Northwest Arkansas area since the 80's mixed with some new blood mixed in. We have all tried to "make it" as a musician at one point or another in our career and while we are still an usigned band we have grown through the adversity, tragedy and joy that being in a band brings.

In times where commercial radio has once again become stale and emotionless, we try to rise above the "familiar" and craft songs that draw the listener in and not let go. In a Rock format it is impossible to NOT get lumped in with all the other bands in this genre or to draw comparison to other bands. We try to break the mold with odd time signatures, soaring vocals and tight groove oriented songs. It's all about the hook!

Welcome to another chapter in our musical journey. At long last we finally figured out....Do it because you enjoy it, the small rewards far outweigh the limelight. Welcome to our lives..... more >>>