Thursday August 7, 2008 | 8:00PM
Exit/In (Get Directions)
Variety Freakshow: MC'd by Miss Lollypop
Come get your freak on with Hillbilly Casino and a host of freakishly special guests, including The Enigma, Sideshow Benny and live stand up comedy by Chris Crofton of the Alcohol Stunt Band.

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Sideshow Benny

8:00 PM

Hillbilly Casino

8:00 PM

The Enigma

8:00 PM

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Sideshow Benny | 8:00 PM
SideShow Bennie is a crowd pleasing, entertainment extravaganza. He hits the stage to the strains of exotic music and immediately starts shoving flaming torches down his throat. From fire eating and fireball spewing, to walking and leaping, barefoot, in broken glass, to pounding nails and screwdrivers into his nose, to lifting weights with pierced body parts, (to name but a few of his amazing feats) Bennies act is an " I shouldn't watch and enjoy this but I can't help myself" phenomenon.
Hillbilly Casino | 8:00 PM
In a town known more for generating pop country ‘hat acts’ and contemporary Christian music, there is a storm brewing. Small independent bands with no management, booking, record labels (or even local media support) are changing the way people think about Nashville Tennessee.

Nic Roulette Vocals / Stuntwork Moloich Photography
Nic Roulette
Vocals / Stuntwork
Moloich Photography
Now they’ve got three full length CD’s under their belt. ‘Sucker Punched’, (Dec.2006), ‘Three Step Windup’ (April,2008) and ‘Hang Your Stockings….. Say Your Prayers’ the band’s Christmas CD (Nov, 2008). Each one totally DIY, produced and engineered by Firebaugh and Dickson and recorded in Andrew Dickson’s garage, lovingly known as ‘Studio D’. Each CD blends elements of honkytonk, rockabilly, psychobilly, and straight up rock and roll. Every member of the Hillbilly Casino brings their own special flavor to the band, from Nic’s background in hip hop and rockabilly, to Geoff’s love of old school punk rock and ska, and you’ll find elements of all of this in every Hillbilly Casino record and show. 2008 also saw the release of ‘Buy-in’ a full length Documentary by Doug Farrar at Rockstep Creative. Doug followed the band around for over a year, attending dozens of shows, and collecting performance, and interview footage, which he compiled into a revealing look at a band just trying to make a living and have fun.

While you’ll see a lot of bands sitting around waiting to get ‘signed’, the Hillbilly Casino took a cue from bands like Black Flag, Fugazi, and Youth Brigade, booking their own tours, and producing and releasing their own CD’s and T-shirts, and spending hundreds of hours in their old grey Econoline van getting the rock ‘n’ roll out to the people. From thirty minute opening slots, to 3 and 4 hour marathon sets, these boys are gonna bring their ‘A’ game, and you’ll probably get tired before they do. more >>>
The Enigma | 8:00 PM
Here's the pitch: The zest of musicals, the history of vaudeville and the impact of circus all rolled into one. Laugh at the comedy, cry at the sarcasmy. It's 22 stunts and 7 musical numbers on stage. Acts like jousting, martial arts, prize fighting, Indians, aliens, Katzen the Tiger Lady, the Neon Cowboy, the Black Knight. And don't forget the largest rubber band snap in the world. It's Animaniacs, Spike Jones and Monty Python. The worst show ever. Definitely a musical comedy, I guess, of sorts. Basically I do my own show to prove that you can be a nice person and still do a show. I want to be a good ambassador for the world of tattooing and I try to keep a big bright smile on my face for everybody, whether they are tattooed or not. I feel that it is definitely a responsibility of mine to let everybody know that we tattooed people are cool.