Friday January 1, 2010 | 8:00PM
Exit/In (Get Directions)
Lucciana Costa & The Lucky Bastards w/ Chris Casello Trio
Independent recording artist Lucciana Costa and her veteran band "The Lucky Bastards" bring her incredible song writing and performing skills to the world famous Exit/In. A seasoned performer, Lucciana is touring with her first release "Last Chance for a Pony." Her concerts have been getting rave reviews and her music is just starting to get noticed to a wide national audience.

Event Schedule

Chris Casello Trio

9:00 PM

Lucciana Costa & The Lucky Bastards

10:00 PM

Chris Casello Trio | 9:00 PM
Chris Casello Trio is a roots combo in Nashville TN. Specializing in Blues , Swing and Hillbilly music - mix it together and it spells Rock and Roll . The combo developed after Chris Casello of The Starlight Drifters moved to Nashville met Mark W. Winchester from the Brian Setzer Orchestra and Jimmy Lester from Los Straight Jackets . The magic happened and the show was developed at Roberts Western World . The combo has played all around the country but can usually be seen every Sunday at Roberts 6- 10 unless on Winter hours which is 4 -8 . The debut CD is finally here recorded live on to tape without the help of computers , pitch corrections with few over-dubs . All solos were played live and vocals were done while playing . more >>>
Lucciana Costa & The Lucky Bastards | 10:00 PM
Lucciana Costa’s first gig was singing with the Columbus Children’s Choir. Not yet six years old, she already displayed a powerful stage presence and desire to perform. Her mom did her part by fudging the rules so Lucciana could beat the choir’s minimum age requirement, and Lucciana did hers by earning the privilege of singing a solo in the choir’s spring concert. Thus began years of childhood musical experiences.
Lucciana is the granddaughter of a jazz great who lived, breathed, and worked the New York City music scene. However, as a child Lucciana developed an affinity for country music. She fell in love with an instrument she’d never heard of until she saw Emily Robison, of Dixie Chicks fame, play one; so Lucciana tracked down the only Dobro for sale in town and bought it with her childhood savings. As a Dobro player, music became a permanent fixture in her life. She played in an alternative country group, Smithville, at age 12 with musicians many times her age. Learning the ropes as a performing musician and having parents cool enough to abandon all ideas of a normal curfew, she built the foundation to become the musician she is today. Lucciana later joined forces with Uses for Wood, a folk/rock/blues band. The group’s energy was a good match with hers; gigging with them was exhilarating, and her time with Uses solidified the role music was going to play in her life.

Freshly embarking into her twenties, Lucciana has an incredible amount of diverse musical experiences. Her life and music have become so intertwined that, when asked what kind of songs she writes, she honestly answers, “I don’t know.” They are the songs from a four-year-old girl who got up at the crack of dawn to write stories of the stuff she thought about. They are songs from the genes of a jazz musician; they’re the heartbreaking words of an old country song and the energy of playing The Who’s “Baba O’ O’Riley” with Uses for Wood while the crowd went nuts. They are the songs of a girl who has settled into her own style. Musically and lyrically her songs are glimpses into who Lucciana Costa is, which could be why so many are drawn to her music. The thrill of putting life to music is why she is an artist, and why she is the kind of artist who quickly becomes one you can’t get enough of. more >>>