SEAN PEABODY featuring Chad Heft
Feb 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Laughs Unlimited
Sacramento, CA

Born in Southern California and raised in the Bay Area of Nothern California, this all around guy has been EXPLODING  on the comedy scene. He has opened for Eddie Griffin, Sinbad, John Witherspoon, D.C. Curry, and has made appearances on comedy central. If your not ready for high energy, and laughing till it hurts, you might not be ready for Sean. If you are, then sean is ready to bring the funny.

Sean is looking to take his the stage with his funny personality and
performance. Sean is looking to do more movies and sit coms.

His has team up with Movizine Presents to help push is career, with
the  "IN YOUR FACE NOW "  Tour .


General Admission