The LACS, Ty Manning & Friends (featuring Doyle Williams from REHAB), Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee
Ty Manning & Friends (featuring Doyle Williams from REHAB & more)
Jan 10, 2013 at 8:00 PM
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The Lacs tug the listener through mud and water to the inevitable intersection between hip hop and country. Given how politically divided our country can sometimes feel, it is refreshing to hear an act bring the best of seemingly opposite realms together under one sonic roof. Hear them reference Outkast, while riding confidently over southern guitar twang. Embedded in the Cold Ford camp is the perfect fit for them, and gives them the creative space to create their signature sound without interference.

- 18+ Show -
Daniel Lee | 8:00 PM
Daniel is the founding member of the Daniel Lee Band - which has toured extensively and started to see the fruits of their labors. Of his personal story, Daniel has this to say:

"I was born in Winder, GA in 1987, I grew up there as well. At a very early age I’ve always been infatuated by music. It all started in church when I used to watch my grandmother sing the gospel songs she wrote. I got my first six string Yamaha guitar when I was about 13 years old. I could not put it down. I found a couple of chords to play and then I started playing with little garage rock bands when I got to high school. I started writing a little bit and eventually I got around some of my friends at a bonfire and scared as I was, I played the songs I wrote. The reaction of my friends gave me just enough confidence to venture out and play my music in little bars and venues. Since then we have done things that I only dreamed about when I was a kid. And the best part about it is. Its not over! Tomorrow is always something new and exciting for me. And I cant wait to see what tomorrow holds! Because now after all the blood, sweat, and tears... I am ready!" more >>>
Ty Manning & Friends (featuring Doyle Williams from REHAB & more) | 8:30 PM
Hey, y'all I'm, Ty Manning. I like to write songs & sing'em for people. I've been doing that for a looooong time & I LOVE IT! I was born in Waycross, Ga., I live & teach High School Art in Madison, Ga., but I still call Athens, Ga. home. For the last 8 years I've been one of the frontmen of a band called THE BEARFOOT HOOKERS. We've had a pretty good run; 1,000+ shows, 3 full length/original albums, have had songs on 3 Athfest CDs, have won 2 Flagpole Music Awards, & have even been on CNN pickin' & a grinnin' at a Crop Mob! (look it up. It's a country-hippie thang!) Our sound is kinda like… If Ace Frehley from KISS sat in with the Rolling Stones and did a Hank Jr. tune. OOH YEAH!!!! We actually call what we do "Beer Drinkin' Gospel". Our claim to fame is breaking beer sale records in most of the bars we play. I think the line from my song "I'd Rather 2 Step than 12 Step" sums up what we do best:

"For over 1/2 my life I've been drinkin' more than most

I'm the 1st to belly up, the 1st to raise a toast

cuz I'm a drinkin' song and dance man, i roam from town to town

fill the bars up with people, then shut them suckers down!"

I've been called an idiot, a drunk, dreamer, a life coach, the Capt'n of the party, & hell... even a ninja, but no matter what anybody say, What i do usually causes a good time!

To sum it all up, I'm a Storyteller Weirdo so slip on your drainkin' boots and come listen!
The LACS | 9:30 PM
“People see stuff that is already there and ask why I dream stuff that never was and ask why not”. This saying describes the LACS, they saw what was already there, had big dreams to be there, and asked the music industry why not? Their hick hop and southern rock sound is stronger than the moonshine they drink. The LACS which is the famous short abbreviation of the Loud Ass Crackers are from the sandy dirt roads of Baxley, Georgia. A South Georgia town more famous for its sawmills and turpentine stills than for having a successful southern rap group. The LACS consist of hip hop artist Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and lead vocalist / guitarist Brian “ Rooster” King. With a blue collar background they have worked shutdowns with the union and framed many a house to earn enough money keep their music dreams alive. The LACS latest album is still in the works but already has created a buzz with its contributions from Average Joe recording artist Colt Ford on the song “Shindig” and allowing the LACS the privilege of performing some of his tour dates. Want to have a good time and hear some hick hop country? Check out Colt Ford and the LACS, where you will see a show you won’t never forget. Keep watching for dates in your area. Keep listening and we hope you enjoy our new material. more >>>
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